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If you’re preparing to take your British citizenship test, it’s extremely important that you see and try example questions. So, access the best online resource to pass your citizenship test!

Did you know that many applicants don’t pass their citizenship test? And if you fail, each time you retake the test, you’ll need to pay another fee.

You can change that possibility for yourself. You can be one of the few select persons who pass their UK citizenship exam on their first attempt. That’s right … study, practice, sit, and pass the first time you try the British citizenship exam.

So, get ready for the next stage of citizenship with life in the UK test questions. Practice with these free sample test questions to make sure you can pass on your first try.

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How the Process Works

See how to prepare for your British citizenship test

Download the Handbook

Get the citizenship test handbook as a hardcover book, ebook, PDF, CD or mp3 download. It outlines everything you need to know to sit the life in the UK test.

Start Practicing

Start with free online citizenship practice tests to ensure you can learn the information. The handbook gives you a base. The free tests cement your knowledge.

Try Simulation Tests

Check your readiness for the official test with free simulation tests. This gives you exam-like conditions to test your readiness to book, sit and pass your test.

Pass Your Test

Once you are confident that you can answer all the practice questions, and pass the simulation exams, it’s time for the next step – book your test online.

FREE UK Citizenship Practice Tests Online

Yes, we said to download handbook, The Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents, because it gives you all the information you need to learn. But it’s a lot to learn. And just reading the material is not the best way to prepare you for the test.

That’s why most people turn to online life in the UK practice tests. Like our life in the UK tests, you need resources that give you access to:

  • Realistic test questions: The questions are just like the real test.
  • Progress tracking: Check your progress and see how your test preparation is going.
  • Instant feedback: Get instant explanations of the answers so you can learn as you study.
  • Challenge bank: Keep track of and attempt all the questions you failed to see if you’ve improved.
  • Better pass rates: Improve your chances of passing so you can get closer to your dream of British citizenship.
Start Practicing


Online practice tests are more effective than studying the traditional way – just reading the handbook. Every citizenship practice test on our site is based on information from the handbook and how the questions on the topic are structured in the real test.


Study at your own pace for the citizenship test. There are no login or registration requirements. So, you can open the website and just get started with your practice test. Even if you leave the site, you can come back to the same or other practice tests.


See if you’re ready for the official Life in the UK test. Try our exam simulator with the same number of questions. Or go through all the test questions. They are just like the real test so you won’t be surprised on exam day and you’ll know what to expect.

Practice, Learn, and Have Fun

Practice the life in the UK test questions that will help you ace your British citizenship exam.


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